Hercules is a hosted CI for building Nix projects on your infrastructure.

Your own build farm

Use the open source Hercules Agent to run your Nix evaluations and builds on your own machines. You're in control: the Hercules CI service does not read your source code or binaries.

Cachix integration

First-class support for Cachix. You can store not only your build results in Cachix, but also derivation files, source code and build logs.

Simple dashboard for GitHub projects

See your software grow via the build status and history in the Hercules CI dashboard. It will keep track of all derivations in your GitHub projects that use Nix.


We know from experience achieving complete Nixification of your project is a long term effort. That's why Hercules CI lets your agents run commands before and after your builds. These hooks let you initiate deployments or perform some impure steps for a legacy project.

Zero hassle setup

You're just a few clicks away from building projects on GitHub and having them distributed by Cachix. Hercules CI picks up your existing Nix expressions. Any extra configuration, like hooks, will also be read from a declarative file in your project repository.


Open Source
Unlimited agents
Unlimited public source repositories
Unlimited builds
1 Authenticated user
Per User
€29 / month
Unlimited agents
Unlimited public and private source repositories
Unlimited builds
Does not access your source code
Support the development


Can I try it?

Not yet. We have launched a private beta, so subscribe for updates!

After the public preview release, anyone will be able to use the service for their open source projects for free and we provide a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try the private plan without risk.

Is this the hercules-ci project I saw on GitHub?

This is an entirely new project. The original Hercules CI project did not materialize into a successful project. Building a good continuous integration system is a lot of hard work. The upside is that we're a company that is committed to making an awesome Nix CI. We'd like to provide hassle-free setup of Nix pipelines for any team.

Is Hercules CI open source?

Everything that you run on your systems, including the agent is open source, but the backend services are closed source.

We are not planning to open source the backend services.

Why doesn't Hercules CI host the agents?

Hosting the agents yourself also has benefits: you have the flexibility to pick the type of machines you want, host them where you want and the Hercules CI service doesn't have to process your source code.

If you want this, let us know!

Made by

Domen Kožar


I started using Nix in 2012 and after years of many contributions in my free time, ended up using Nix exclusively in 2016 packaging up OpenStack and functional testing a cluster with scenarios.

In 2017 I founded Enlambda consulting which helped many clients like Snabb and IOHK to adopt Nix as a way to solve interesting complex software distribution problems in our industry.

Robert Hensing


The effect of languages on programming fascinates me. I had been applying functional programming in industry until 2016, when I realized that it did not help me outside the confines of the language.

So I took a break, experimented, contemplated and started consulting. Not only was Nix was going to play a big role in preventing the kinds of problems I used to run into; it proved to be a very powerful tool. With Hercules I want to make it easier for everyone to wield this power.